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* Jackson Pollock’s paintings have held a spot in my heart for a long time now. The energy, the emotion, the feel of the drips and splashes inspire me in my artwork creation. His paintings are my inspiration, but I put my own heart and soul in and make my paintings one-of-a-kind. I hope you can see the light and life that I put in my art.


* Artist: Nandita Albright

* Title: “Abyssal Voyage – 6”
* Display Size: 48″ width by 48″ height Unstretched Canvas
* The Canvas has an extra 3 inches on each side for gallery wrap mounting.
* Finished with a glaze of UV varnish to protect against sunlight and dust damage.

* AUTHENTICITY: Signed and dated on the front and back by the artist, Nandita Albright

* Made-to-order: I will be creating another painting that will be the same size, style and will be very similar to this piece. However, it will not be identical since all of my paintings are one-of-a-kind original artwork. When purchased, please allow 15-20 working days for the completion of the painting. Pictures will be sent prior to shipment for your approval. I will then ship out the painting immediately.

Please note: Any artwork with dimensions larger than 48 x 24 inches will be shipped rolled in a tube.

This is because most shipping companies do not ship large-mounted artwork. It is simply is too bulky and the risk of damage in shipping is increased. Finally, the cost of shipping a framed piece of artwork would be double or triple the cost of shipping it rolled in a tube.

The rolled canvas, when received, can be mounted and framed at any local arts and crafts store or stretching shops as they offer discounts. Specialty framing stores have a good chance to offer cheaper stretching costs as well.

I have displayed all the sizes for your wall display, make the selection you want in the drop-down menu on the right. I have made a layout on sofas for you to see how it would fit best on your decor. All sizes are displayed, but you will only receive the sizes you purchase.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 in
Abstract Art Sizes

Stretched 36" x 24" inches (92 x 61 cm), Stretched 48"x 24" inches (122 x 61 cm), Unstretched 104″ x 30″ (264 x 76 cm), Unstretched 104″ x 36″ (264 x 91 cm), Unstretched 104″ x 48″ (264 x 122 cm), Unstretched 108″ x 48″ (274 x 122 cm), Unstretched 48" x 30" (122 x 76 cm), Unstretched 48" x 36" (122 x 91 cm), Unstretched 48″ x 48″ (122 x 122 cm), Unstretched 60″ x 30″ (152 x 76 cm), Unstretched 60″ x 36″ (152 x 91 cm), Unstretched 60″ x 48″ (152 x 122 cm), Unstretched 66″ x 30″ (168 x 76 cm), Unstretched 66″ x 36″ (168 x 91 cm), Unstretched 70″ x 70″ (183 x 183 cm) Exact, Unstretched 72″ x 30″ (183 x 76 cm), Unstretched 72″ x 36″ (183 x 91 cm), Unstretched 72″ x 48″ (183 x 122 cm), Unstretched 96" x 48" (244 x 122 cm), Unstretched 96″ x 30″ (244 x 76 cm), Unstretched 96″ x 36″ (244 x 91 cm), Unstretched 96″ x 60″ (244 x 152 cm)


Horizontal, Vertical


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